An Extraordinary Life, A Powerful Memoir!
We are delighted to announce Vandana Shiva’s landmark memoir:
My Life in a Biodiversity of Movements
Vandana Shiva


Trained as a physicist, Vandana Shiva says, “It was Chipko that made me realise, in intimate detail, how biodiversity is at the heart of sustainable economies.” Working with peasant women in her home state of Uttarakhand, she learnt her first lessons in ecology: transferring fertility from the forest to the field. Chipko was her “university” and, turning away from quantum physics, she made the preservation of biodiversity and sustainable societies her life’s work.

For over four decades Vandana Shiva has worked with farmers and people’s movements across the world against what she calls “seed imperialism”, economic polarisation, and the digital colonisation of our ecological and social diversity. Her Gandhian philosophy of resistance is rooted in people’s power, true science, and real facts, through which she challenges the Billionaires Club of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos, as well as transnational corporations that manipulate and control what we cultivate and consume, and how we communicate, via Big Ag, Big Pharma and Big Data.

This powerful memoir looks back at the most memorable campaigns and movements that she has been part of, while looking ahead to the challenges posed by the COVID crisis, the privatisation of biotechnology, and the commodification of our biological and natural resources.

“The awareness that Vandana’s work and actions provoke is sublime,” says Gilles-Éric Séralini, “it will bring you light.”


Vandana Shiva is the most brilliant woman I know; she is impressive, with a global knowledge of the environmental problems created above all, by social disorders and the selfishness of short-term power. The awareness that her work and her actions provoke is sublime. This book is brilliant. It will bring you light. And answers.

— Gilles-Éric Séralini, molecular biologist and co-author of The Monsanto Papers

Vandana Shiva’s life story is the living story of the struggle to save soil, seeds and human sanity. This beautifully-written memoir is a compelling narrative which should be read by everyone who loves land, life and the integrity of our precious Planet Earth. Every page of this book is filled with passion and compassion. This is one of the most informative and inspiring books for all activists, present and future, who wish to see ecological, social and spiritual transformation emerging out of our current chaotic predicament.

— Satish Kumar, Founder, Schumacher College

Terra Viva captures the dynamic vibrance of Mother Earth and the necessary practice of Right Livelihood. Vandana Shiva shares them through brilliant research, writing, speaking skills and also, importantly, getting real things done on the ground. She shows courage, competence and conscience and always speaks truth to power, assertively and consistently, without fear or favour. Her wisdom flows through this book, it shines through like multiple beacons of a lighthouse that will inspire more of us ‘glocally’ to take up the many challenges of these dismal times.

—Anwar Fazal, Multiversity International

Terra Viva is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read. It is an awe-inspiring tale of multiple struggles against multiple injustices against people and our environment; an engaging life story of how one perceptive individual can empower various groups of people to take on governments and corrupt corporations and win justice for them—a classic David versus Goliath. This is a must-read book because Dr Shiva's multiple successes give us hope that we can regenerate our planet, empower our people, and build fair societies that enable well-being for all of us. Her life story shows that she is one of our most extraordinary leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King.

—André Leu, International Director, Regeneration International

The optimist Dr Shiva lives by example. Reading this book will open your mind to the causes of deep problems we have been pushed into by the actions of a few, and give you hope and courage to reverse the downward spiral.

—Hans R. Herren, Founder and President, Biovision Foundation

A journey through the life and work of Vandanji is indeed a most inspiring read. She is a most phenomenal woman—her work and conviction on the issues she has confronted with such determination and courage are not only admirable but breathtakingly amazing. From tackling the water barons and the manufacturers of genetically modified seeds, to the pharmaceutical companies and the food markets of the world, she has shown such superior insight and knowledge that she has been able to floor these giants. In South Africa she has many followers, admirers and devotees among whom I, too, am present. This book is a must-read for all of us who are interested in an alternative world order, where issues of environmental protection, conservation, food sovereignty, peace and nonviolence are uppermost priority.

—Ela Gandhi, peace activist and former Member of Parliament in South Africa

Vandana Shiva has led an extraordinary life as a scientist/activist and leader of a global movement for food sovereignty, and she tells her remarkable story in this powerful new memoir. Filled with important information and history on the corporate theft of biodiversity, Terra Viva also tells the rich stories of the grassroots fight to take back sacred community knowledge and rights, in India and around the world. Just as our world would be a lesser place without Vandana Shiva, our literary heritage would also be diminished without this crucial book.

—Maude Barlow, author of Blue Covenant, activist and Right Livelihood Award Laureate

ISBN: 978-93-85606-40-3
Pages: 250